I could barely hear him as the call came in from an unrecognizable number from Ohio… He said he had received my number from my father in law and God had put in his heart the desire to come alongside some project in Africa related to hygiene and protection from malaria. He didn’t know me but said “I’m sending a check and I trust you and the work your doing” 

He didn’t know me but God somehow connected us, so I felt the weight of that trust and prayed that God would give us a vision. So faithfully as God had provided he creatively allowed us to see how we might move forward. I contacted Pastor Christain who is always open to an outreach and told him the news. Some ideas came to mind and God began to unfold a beautiful plan. 

We would use those funds to purchase mosquito nets, soap, basins and other items and then individually invite many families that they had been reaching out to and provide a day of food, and tremendous fun for the kids. A true Christmas celebration. The next day they would be invited to the church to recieve this gift… It was a day full of energy and service. While most churches invite people to seek something from them this was giving freely because God provided. 

That morning as the Message went out and gifts were given, people received both physical help, but others further receiving the true gift of Christmas… the Son of God who came into the world to save and bring joy and peace…

Pastor Christain and his wife Sharon later also went into homes from some of the families that could not make the celebration and one whole home recieved new life in Christ. 

Truly a book of Acts day.

I am amazed as always how God brings people together in some partnership from different walks of life, with different gifts and various backgrounds. An older man from South East Ohio, a missionary from Southern California, and Nigerian born pastor in Uganda… to touch lives of people in some small area in Kampala in a very unique special way and bring them into a Kingdom that has no boundaries. 

Amazing Grace!

What part can we all play as we open our hearts and use our gifts and talents for others this coming year. 

Have a merry CHRISTmas and a joyful and peaceful 2017.