Urgent Need Beautiful Praise!


Yesterday we had a really great day at church… beautiful vibrant worship, refreshing time of communion, and a great word out of 1 Peter 1: 7-8 on suffering and trials… also a great time with friends and seeing God work in peoples lives… yet the entire time I could only think… I know nothing of suffering. I mean the type that Peter speaks of and to the people he was speaking.

I had the evening prior received and email and then spoke to a pastor we support and work with in Burundi who was out in the village teaching and leading the Shepherd School who while he was gone men invaded his home, took all the monies they had, personal items even clothes. Leaving the family desperate and literally naked.

I couldn’t imagine such desperation, trauma and trial… I am sue God has a purpose and he himself said he believed somehow God would work and be glorified through this.

Would you consider praying and supporting the urgent need and family serving Jesus in a very difficult place? Burundi’s not a place or in a situation where you just go down to target or Walmart and replace stuff or call the insurance adjuster.

I’ve been there a number of times… many remember I barely got out a few years ago during civil unrest. It’s a place of incredible need but with men doing amazing ministry.

If you are interested please direct message me and let me know. You can make donations which 100% will go to this need through our new entity Extending Borders.

Mail address

707 Hillsboro Place

Fullerton Ca. 92833

Also on another note the work in dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi with the Congolese families has started and the two men we were in contact with have started a bible study through 1 John and is really exciting. Pastor Alan from Oahu who I met up with last week and a team will go there to meet them and see about working together with the existing CC in Malawi! God is on the move.

Below a picture of the group after first service together, and two men Lambert and Shabani leading group.

May God continue to have favor over each of you and shine his face upon you all. Love and appreciate you all.


Divine connections

We’ve really been praying for God to just simply and divinely connect us through out the continent to help and serve the people of Africa and see churches planted and the kingdom built through partnerships.

Here is one story amongst a number of answers to that prayer…

This morning I got an email from some Congolese refugees who fled Congo due to unrest and safety sues to live in a camp in Malawi. They are 5 families who were from a Calvary in Congo DRC and are looking to plant a church and connect with other Calvary Pastors They are about 40 minutes from Pastor Leckson in Lilongwe, Malawi who is a friend and met years ago in South Africa.

So I connected with pastor Jean Pierre in Burundi who we work with to get in contact with Ibrahim the pastor in Baraka Congo.

In the meantime connecting with a local missionary in Malawi who is reaching Muslims, who said Pastor Alan from Oahu is coming in one month. Alan who is a friend and I’ll see next week. So they’ll all connect on that side to see what God might do!

Ministry is about relationships, connecting people to one another so that we can further the kingdom.

Pray for Shabani and the 5 families who are there very far from home. Exiles. Sent by God for a purpose.

I love this. Extending the Borders of the Kingdom in Africa.

I’ve included also 3 pictures to show you the distance they travelled (that’s a long walk), what it looks like to trek and take your family across continents, and a picture of the camp.